Weeds That Sting!!

Weeds That Sting!!

kayleej101 – posted 20 May 2005 09:24

I was in my yard ripping out weeds and one of them touched my arm….”OUCH” it stung like hell, this happened about an hour ago, i have about a dozen little stinging bumps on my arm,they are starting to fade but it still tingles a bit, I dont want my 2 year old going near this, and im not even sure which weed i touched. There must be 15 different types out there.What could this be??

tallahassee lassie – posted 20 May 2005 13:36

Sounds like nettles. They are the jellyfish of the plant world. The avoid being eaten by animals by having hollow, fluid filled spikes that break off at the slightest touch. Use electrical gloves to rip it out, and DON’T BURN IT!

It’s really a pretty fragile plant, you shouldn’t have to worry about herbicide.


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