Weed Control In Floratam

Weed Control In Floratam

filada – posted 21 March 2001 11:26

What do folks do for control of weeds in a St. Augustine Floratam lawn? Most weed control products you find say “For use on St. Augustine. Except Floratam”What do you use? There are lawn fertilizers for dollar weed control but for sedges and other types of weeds I have been hard pressed to find a product.

seed – posted 24 March 2001 07:27

Depending on what type of sedge, there are three possible products, Manage by Monsanto, Basagran by BASF (same active ingredient as Lescosan by LESCO) and Image by American Cyanimid. Of the three, Manage has the broadest spectrum of activity in controlling sedges, and is reasonably safe for St. Augustinegrass. Image can be more harmful if it is misapplied.

The “not for St. Augustinegrass in Floratam” has been applied by manufacturers to their phenoxy herbicide mixtures which include 2,4-D, because of alleged injury to Floratam. Some of the ingredients of the mixtures such as MCPP are quite harmful to any St. Augustinegrass, when misapplied, and the manufacturers apparently do not want to accept the liability for misapplications. Besides, how do you know what St. Augustinegrass you have?

Atrazine is our main broadleaf herbicide, but in most cases it should not be used after tax day, April 15th.


filada – posted 24 March 2001 09:04

Thanks Phil.Well, I assume that I have Floratam because that’s what the retailer told me I was purchasing. Is Basagran safe to apply after putting down a weed and feed fertilizer such as Scotts Bonus S?Wayne

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