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tacordes – posted 08 July 2002 09:54

i just installed a new sprinkler system a few months ago….and i was wondering whats better … watering a little everyday or alot once every few days…. thanks

bermudamatt – posted 08 July 2002 12:33

It is usually best to water alot every few days. When watering, you want deep penetration to encourage deep rooting. If you water a little, every day, your lawn will develop a shallow root system that won’t support it very well during extreme conditions.

FloratamPhil – posted 11 July 2002 04:10

Remember watering will also depend on the type soil and runoff you have.If you have sandy soil it will take longer for the water to be absorbed and could runoff or evaporate.If this is the case,water for 15 to 20 minutes,stop and allow the water to be absorbed then resume,continue until you have reached the level of water needed.You might want to invest into a rain gauge.

WillR – posted 13 July 2002 07:31

With my St. Augustine, I tend to water to wilt. Meaning that I watch my grass for any signs of wilt, then I water. When I do water, I water deeply. Then I do not water again until I see again see signs of wilt.

Factors that will play into this other than what has been mentioned above include plants and trees that might compete with your turf for water, sunlight, etc.

In these muggy humid summer time days however, I would begin my watering early in the day. You really want your grass dried back out by nightfall less you might end up with a fungus.

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