watering systems

watering systems

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Isabel – posted 23 June 2005 16:03

Could you tell me what you think about watering lawns by exudation system?

Alex_in_FL – posted 27 June 2005 19:55

Looks like a good idea but I see lots of problems. You will need a really good design that considers depth, distance between lines, slope of the ground, and soil type to mention a few. If sandy soil the water may go straight down with minimal spread. If soil is mostly clay then the water will not spread at all.

If you have good quality soil it might work really well. I like the idea for shrubs since it saves water but not too sure about whole yard watering.

Unless your water is very expensive the pay back could be years.

If you do it let me know how it works out. Those are my thoughts.


Isabel – posted 28 June 2005 06:12

I agree with you about all you said and I thank you for your answer.I wanted to know the opinion of a specialist in this matter.

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