tif 419

tif 419

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drjay9051 – posted 12 February 2008 13:21

I have an opportunity to pick up a pallet of 419 for no charge. My current lawn is spotty bahia. Can I place the bermuda in the bare spots and assume that over time it will due to its aggressive nature take over the bahia. I cannot afford to sod or sprig and seeded bermuda just does not look all that graet. I thought this might work. A nice Tif 419 lawn by the end of the summer. Any thoughts or am I wasting my time


tommy – posted 13 February 2008 16:47

Yes, the Tif will dominate but you will still have Bahia as a spotty weed. After the Tif has estabished and is the main grass, Spray crabgrass killer to eliminate the Bahia. It may take two or three applications,(a month apart)to get a complete kill. The crabgrass killer won’t harm Tif.

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