St. Augustine thatch

St. Augustine thatch

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usmc – posted 29 April 2009 05:19

Good morning,I have a customer who has st. Augustine grass. The lawn was very thick with dead clippings (2″)or so. We removed it, leaving the vine-like roots exposed, all over the lawn. We verti-cut as the first step, then removed all build-up with a blowe and Vacuum. I read that it will look bad for 2 weeks and then between 3-5 weeks will become full, as the verti-cut promotes growth. My customer is panicing. Do you think the lawn will fill in? HelpThank you for your time.

Alex_in_FL – posted 10 May 2009 11:37

You probably have an answer by now. My guess is that it will if they don’t over water and get fungi problems.

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