St Augustine Disease Maintenance

St Augustine Disease Maintenance

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tstorm – posted 06 June 2010 22:07

The last 2 seasons I have had recurrences of brown patch. All is good now so far as I believe the summer heat has helped?

I am new at treating diseases / fungus in lawns and think they these diseases like brown patch typically show up in early fall when temperatures at night begin to cool off and humidity is still there. Is that true?

I have an irrigation system and a little worried about over watering and causing these diseases to pop up even though I water early in the morning (1 hour before sunrise). I am curious to know if keeping a 1″ per week schedule is good and should I stretch it out over 3 days or 1 or 2?

Also, should I be treating my lawn with some type of fungus control product this early in the summer (June)? On top of a fertilizer routine? How much nitrogen is too much, as I believe high nitrogen fertilizers encourage some types of diseases?

turfgrass – posted 07 June 2010 17:44

brown patch will be your main concern in spring/fall. you can make preventative apps. of azoxystrobin during those times(~30 day control).

summer months will bring gray leaf spot, given the right conditions. (and chinch bugs)

as for fertilizer…apply P and K per soil test. About 1 lb. N/1000 sq. ft./month during growing season will do fine.

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