spraying bermuda seedlings

spraying bermuda seedlings

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jester – posted 11 June 2005 10:03

I seeded common Bermuda in Central Arkansas 3 weeks this Monday. This was a new lawn. I have kept it watered well and all the seeds have germinated and have begun to grow. Most of the seedings are 1 bladed and less than 1 inch tall.

Recent Rains have really made the wild grasses spring to life. I am not sure what species it is…I call it Dallisgrass. The blades of this grass are about 1/4-1/2 in wide and the grass is now 2 inches tall.

My question is: When can I spray MSMA or a broadleaf herbacide on my newly planted bermuda seedings without fear of killing them?

Thanks in advanceJester

mdav – posted 11 June 2005 13:45

I too seeded a new yard about 3 weeks ago and I was needing to know the same. The crabgrass needs to go and I can’t keep it pulled up as fast as it grows.

Also another question on the same topic. How long does it take for seedlings to mature and start making runners?

mwhite125 – posted 11 June 2005 16:23

Dont put any msma or any kind of weed control on it for a year, just gonna have to deal w/weeds by hand for the time being. I seeded also and this was told to me by a pro.

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