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Sannd – posted 30 October 2008 09:46

I recently moved into a house near Ft Worth, Texas. I have St Augustine grass but it was not well cared for before I bought the house and it has bare spots and weeds that I am working on getting rid of. I was wondering if over seeding with Rye grass (or another type if you have a suggestion) this winter might help choke out some of the weeds and give the St. Augustine a better start next spring. I also have 2 large dogs that are in and out of the yard all day. Any suggestions anyone has would be great.

josedelvecchio – posted 09 December 2008 13:43

Hi, excuse me for my poor english, I’m from Argentina.

You’ll help the warm season’s grass with Ryegrass, depending on the weeds and the grass you have in your garden.

Here in Argentina We don’t have St. Austin grass since 1990/95 aprox. I have 25 years old, and as you can see, I have not experience with this grass.

I saw in some pictures that St Augustine grass is very closed, and sometimes it causes Ryegrass low survival percentages, because seeds germinate on the St Augustine grass, without any contact to the soil.

You must pay attention in the tasks you have to do before a Ryegrass sowing, because if you don’t provide a good contact with the soil to the seeds, you’ll have a lower survival percentage. I don’t reccomend Ryegrass resowing in this kind of grasses, I think it’s better to treat weeds in your grass with some herbicide, and then to fertilize it.

If you decide to resow it with Ryegrass, don’t forget to tell us how it worked.

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