Rye grass taking over

Rye grass taking over

dawnmt – posted 11 April 2003 08:06

Help!!!A few years ago we over seeded with a perinal Rye grass in the St. Augustine. It is now out of control. It is growing at four times faster than the St. Augustine and we can not keep up the mowing schedule. I am aware that the summer heat will kill the Rye but even in the Florida summer heat the grass has still hung on the past two years. It is now back with a vengance. WE just want it gone. We have tried a combination of chemicals but nothing seems to get rid of the Rye. It is spring up in patches all over and stands out like a sore thump because it is growing so much faster than the St. Augustine. If any one can help, please respond.

ted – posted 11 April 2003 12:18

the s.a. hasn’t really jumped out to it’s full potential yet, but it will definitely crowd out the rye. probably the best way is to fertilize the s.a. heavily in the spring and summer to promote the growth of the s.a. you can also use atrazine on the rye grass i believe, and if you’re far enough north, you might (might!) be able to use roundup on the rye patches only during the coldest days of the year next winter. you’re just seeing your rye grass at a different growth phase than your s.a. i have a feeling you must be in the north portion of florida? i can’t believe you would be having a continual problem down south, just to hot, i would think.

frenchman – posted 11 April 2003 22:15

I don’t know alot about S.A. grass, but look into Manage. This will kill the Rye, but don’t know about the S.A.

ted – posted 12 April 2003 09:13

i don’t think manage is going to hurt the s.a., but it’s labeled for nutsedge, not rye grass. This homeowner wouldn’t be able to purchase manage without a license.

certified-in-florida – posted 30 May 2003 20:30

Actually, the manage, if used according to the lable, won’t hurt the s.a. We have used it very successfully for control of Nutsedge in s.a. grasses. You should read a lable and see if rye grass is listed. I don’t have a lable handy to look at, but I would suspect that it is not listed.

I agree with the first response. The St. Augustine needs to be strong enough to “fight off” the rye. . .and, if healthy, it should be much stronger than the rye.

I would want to make sure that it is, in fact, rye that is remaining and not another type of weed-grass picked up in the original seed.

Good luck,


Hooks – posted 29 August 2004 12:02

I am frustrated with the same issue. I purchased a new home in December, and the builder had already mixed RYE grass in with the St. Augustine before I bought the home. I laid pure St. Augustine in the backyard, and my back yard is GREAT. My front yard is HORRIBLE! I can not get the St. Augustine to take over the RYE, and I live in Houston, Texas so you know we have plenty of 100 degree days over here. Why is it not DYING!!!! Please help!

ted – posted 29 August 2004 19:56

there’s no way on god’s green earth you have ryegrass in houston this time of year! post some pics and we’ll try to see what you have- ryegrass dies out in houston no later than june, and is easily taken over by st. aug.

cohiba – posted 30 August 2004 13:34

If it is ryegrass- find out what variety! I’d love to have a ryegrass that could take that kind of heat!

Ryegrass lover………

turfie – posted 31 August 2004 11:30

I would like to see this “ryegrass”. I have a gut feeling it is bermudagrass contaminating the st. augustine.

ted – posted 31 August 2004 21:49

i couldn’t agree more.

Newbie – posted 19 November 2004 08:59

Can anyone share their experience of using perennial rye grass over bermuda. With the above comments about it not dying out with the S.A. I am a bit concerned about putting it down on my front yard.


ted – posted 19 November 2004 11:48

it all depends upon where you live- would be real concerned about putting down rye this late in the year if you’re in a market that has bermuda as it’s normal grass.

mikemaas00 – posted 07 January 2005 13:14

You can use annual rye this time of year. Put it down at about 5 lbs per 1,000sqft. 50 pound bag should be around 20-25 bucks. If you want something that looks like perennial rye but is an annual, there are intermediate ryes out there that look great. Harbour is the name of the stuff I used…looks great and its an intermediate…don’t have to worry about it comin back. Use Image to kill your perennial rye. Also, if its a sedge, image will knock it back, too. It works slow, but should do the job. Put a drop of dishsoap with it to help it stick.

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