replacing St. Augustine Lawn

replacing St. Augustine Lawn

kim – posted 05 March 2003 19:32

I am going to replace my St. Augustine lawn with new St. Aug sod. The current lawn is full of weeds (dollarweed, sedge, tall things with purple buds and other things I can’t identify) and bermuda & bahai grass as well as a patch or two of St Augustine. My question is this: Is it better to have the are cleared (sod cutter)then sprayed before laying new sod, or just spraying the area first before laying sod? Also, what is best, a sand grown sod or a muck grown sod? I am in Tampa FL and the area to be resodded is over 30,000 sq ft.Thanks for any input.

percussiveone – posted 14 March 2003 09:27

best bet is to roundup the whole yard and kill everything off. if you dont, you will still have weed seeds floating around the yard, and you will have the same weed problems with your new yard. once you roundup, then clear and clean up, then install the sod. stay with sand based sod, as most of this area (i am in lakeland) is sand based. a couple of suggestions to get sod from would be DUDA (great sod) and bethel farms, and I would suggest either bitterblue, palmetto, or floratam – i am partial to palmetto.

jr1940 – posted 10 April 2005 08:34

When is the best time to replace sod in the Tampa area?

wdrake – posted 10 April 2005 14:45

When is the best time to replace sod in the Tampa area? In my view, now is the right time to start a new lawn in central Florida

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