Replaced half of my lawn ST Augistine

Replaced half of my lawn ST Augistine

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luisc – posted 19 August 2009 21:01

I replaced most of my lawn today with my dad. When we were removing the old dead sod we found a ton of Grub worms. I was paying Scott’s lawn at 100 + plus monthly to take care of my lawn but realized that was a waste of money. The tech would come out and spray my front and back lawn in under 10 mins. I would work from home and see him and observe. He would spray half of my lawn. I complained and they came back out and did the same thing. So i stopped using them. This is my 2nd company I hired and they are horrible. Both have killed my sod.

I have Talstart Professional and sprayed like 4 ounces in a Ortho water hose sprayer beneath the new sod after soaking the dirt for a little while.

What fertilizer do i need to put down andfor grub worms? Thanks In advance,Luis from Pasco fl

tommy – posted 20 August 2009 11:17

‘Ortho bug b gon max for lawns’

luisc – posted 14 September 2009 08:49


I laid down the liquid version and the granular version with a spreader.

Thank You,Luis

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