Reel mower ?

Reel mower ?

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lennyk – posted 24 November 2006 16:21

I am considering purchasing a manual push reel mower like a Brill to use on my zoysia.

How hard is it to push one of push reel mowers ?

Is there any problem with the wheels slipping on the surface ?

joeearney – posted 25 November 2006 10:14

would be helpful to know how many square feet you intend to cut.

lennyk – posted 26 November 2006 09:18

about 300sq ft

joeearney – posted 01 December 2006 05:30

That’s less than the average two car garage, if you’re an average guy, you should be able to handle the mower.

cohiba – posted 01 December 2006 07:05

The zoysia being a coarse grass you will want to keep the mower sharp. Also mow more often so it doesn’t get out of hand.

Good Luck……………

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