Post emergent question

Post emergent question

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pods – posted 13 May 2005 17:57

Hey all,I was wondering if I run the risk of burning a seeded bermuda lawn with a 3 part post emergent herbicide(MSMA 2-4 D and Mercoprop-p. The lawn is about 2 weeks into greenup and still showing new ‘muda growth peeking out.Particulars:Lawn planted last year around Raleigh NC. Lawn is right now kept @ 3/4 inch. First fert done about a week ago with 10-10-10.Weeds:Dallisgrass, cudweed, vetch and what looks like thousands of little crabgrass seedlings.(I didn’t use pre-emergent)Thanks in advanceOh and somebody shoot me if I dont Pre-emergent next year!

ted – posted 15 May 2005 12:14

i would wait- that “hot” of a mix can be stressful for grasses coming out of dormancy. the problem is that you have bermuda in a market where it’s just now greening up.too far north for succesful, long term bermuda growth- not green enough, long enough.

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