Planting tall fescue next to St. Augustine sod

Planting tall fescue next to St. Augustine sod

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firemancdw – posted 07 May 2015 12:43

I just recently built a house and put down 40 pallets of St. Augustine. This did not get me to the edges of my property and I want to seed the outer perimeter with tall fescue seed. The entire property is sprinkled so water is not an issue. Will the fescue try to overtake the St. Augustine or will the SA eventually spread out thru the fescue? Thanks for the advice!

Phil Busey – posted 08 May 2015 12:43

They can both get into each other but the St. Augustinegrass is the one that can move the fastest because it has long runners. In time they’ll probably form a rough transition. If the tall fescue becomes a problem in the St. Augustinegrass, herbicides such as Certainty, Blade (or Manor) and Image will help get rid of the tall fescue. To get rid of St. Augustinegrass in tall fescue some of the 3-way products containing mecroprop (and 2,4-D and dicamba) will selectively harm the St. Augustinegrass.

firemancdw – posted 08 May 2015 16:24

Thanks Phil. I am wanting the St Augustine to take over eventually

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