Pensacola Bahia pasture help

Pensacola Bahia pasture help

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026TB4U – posted 26 January 2005 10:08

Hi everyone,

I purchased a 20 acre property in Brooksville, FL last year. It was not maintained and overgrown with brush and weeds. We rototillered but did not spray with roundup, which was probably a mistake.

We then seeded with Pensacola Bahia and a little brown millet. it has grown alright, but it is spotty and full of weeds. I was thinking about using a harrow rake this spring to make some grooves, then overseeding with bahia. Then use a roller.

How does this sound? My real question is what to use for the weeds and when. Do I use a herbicide before overseeding or should I do something altogether different?

Thanks in advance from a newbie.

purplewg – posted 21 April 2006 06:19

You don’t have to cut it up again. Just spray it with 2,4D. I would spray real soon though.

026TB4U – posted 21 April 2006 06:37

Wow, a yeat later and I finally get an answer.

Any preferred brand or application rates on the 2-4D?


easygrass – posted 21 April 2006 07:17

Here is a web site you may find helpful.


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