Palmetto, Seville or Floritam?!

Palmetto, Seville or Floritam?!

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AC – posted 11 November 2009 14:30

We are having to replace our front lawn yet again due to chinch bugs. We had a lawn company that just coudlnt keep them under control in our old Floritam grass I am sure in huge part due to a neighbor who just replaces his grass and never treats the problem. Anyway we need to replace the grass and per our HOA we haev to put down a St augustine grass. I have been hearing all kinds of good things about Palmetto – is one to believe the hype? I am located in central florida. Thank you for any help!

Turfguy_UF – posted 12 November 2009 13:15


That should help.


AC – posted 12 November 2009 16:01


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