New floratam dying

New floratam dying

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Turbo4door – posted 03 July 2011 09:10

Just put down some new floratam just under 3 weeks ago. Had some issue with brown leaf spot and sprayed with Spectracide Imunox at the direction of the sod company which cleared it up almost immediately to my eye. Then the other day I noticed a brown patch of matted dead grass that had come up almost what seems over night. I have sprayed Spectracide Triazacide for pest control and I do not see any bugs/worms/moths at any level within the sod.

I am in central florida and we have been getting a lot of rain over the past week and a half. Wondering if this is fungal or pest related. Pictures are below, appreciate any help:




Turbo4door – posted 03 July 2011 09:11

Sorry, did not relaize bbcode wouldn’t let me use IMG tags.

You can copy/paste the links above to see the images. I would greatly appreciate some help before my newly planted sod goes south!

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