Meyer Zoysia vs Bahia

Meyer Zoysia vs Bahia

GooMan – posted 08 April 2004 09:03

Hey guys,

I live in southern Alabama (near Montgomery) and will soon be laying some sod for my yard. I was thinking of using a Zoysia grass and a local sod farm recommended Meyer Zoysia. I have a 50 acre Bahia hayfield as my front yard. I am planning on sodding about 25-30 yards in front of my house (direction of hayfield). I have heard that Zoysia spreads like crazy so I was wondering how it will affect the hayfield. I’m thinking down the road like in 10-15 years. Would I be better off with another type of grass since I need to keep the Bahia in the field?


BamaMan – posted 08 April 2004 09:34

Can I get a ROLL TIDE GooMan??

GooMan – posted 08 April 2004 10:19

no doubt!

Roll Tide Roll!

GooMan – posted 09 April 2004 12:25

no thoughts?

Alex_in_FL – posted 09 April 2004 22:33

If you want zoysia go ahead and plant it. Zoysia can be easily contained by spraying it with roundup once/twice a year. Zoysia grows well in the Montgomery area. It will spread slowly. I planted about 6 or 8 chunks of it (about 1/3 a piece of sod) in an area with mostly centipede/bahia grass. Thirty years later it had taken over about 50-75 percent of the area. So if it starts getting where you don’t want it, just spray it with roundup and use the roundup like an edger.

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GooMan – posted 12 April 2004 13:53

Thanks for the info.

cohiba – posted 12 April 2004 18:34


The round up will work but use it on the heavy side if your mixing it from concentrate(Right, Ted?). Also, there are barrier systems that can be installed. If you are interested I can get a little info for you.

Good Luck….

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