Marathon II Problems

Marathon II Problems

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Marathon Jim – posted 15 September 2010 15:24

I replaced a 200 sqft patch of bermuda with marathon II because of mole damage. I got rid of the mole, but the new grass is turning brown in patches. I followed the instructions to the letter. First over watering, then restricting water when that didn’t work. I have applied fungacide at the suggest of Armstrong where I got the grass. Still turning brown. Strangely, the grass does not “stand up” but seems to lay flat. The brown spots look burned, but the ground is damp and in the beginning, the grass looked rotted at the base. I am at a loss. The bermuda was beautiful until the mole killed most of it. Where I lived in the Florida panhandle we had centipede and it looked like a golf coarse. I like my lawns and this stuff worries the heck out of me. Can you help?

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