Killing Ryegrass

Killing Ryegrass

fish13131 – posted 05 May 2004 15:58

Is there a quick way to kill ryegrass? My builder put in a bluegrass/ryegrass mix. I don’t llike the ryegrass because it grows more quickly and looks like weeds (lighter color & faster growth). I am planning to overseed with bluegrass in the fall. Can I kill this ryegrass off and keep the rest alive or will it simply take time to choke it out?

ted – posted 05 May 2004 19:57

need to know where you live. helps alot, although i don’t know of a product that would kill out rye grass.

fish13131 – posted 06 May 2004 04:48

In the northeast (outside Philly).

If nothing will kill it, is it accurate that the bluegrass will eventually get thick enough to choke it out?


Will-PCB – posted 06 May 2004 07:29

I use Image to kill the annual bluegrass that pops up down here in Florida in my St. Augustine lawn.

You should read the label carefully though and make sure it will not damage the grass you would like to keep.

ted – posted 06 May 2004 19:28

IMage is definitely not used on northern grasses, it’s not labeled for use there. no, i don’t don’t believe your bluegrass will overtake your ryegrass.

cohiba – posted 07 May 2004 06:59


Check back with your builder and try to find out if they used annual rye. Over seeding with bluegrass in the fall is a great idea. If the rye is annual, then it will die out. I know of no other herbicide that will take out rye but unharm the bluegrass. However, there is a disease that comes through in late August/early September that will likely do the work for you. It’s called Gray Leaf Spot. The key to making this happen is to NOT put any fungicides on the lawn all season. Then put at least 1/2# N down about August 20th. Let the lawn grow a little longer this time of year and hopefully(?) you will get this devastating ryegrass disease. I also believe that the Bluegrass will eventually take over the ryegrass. But this could take years. Kentucky Bluegrass is harder to establish so be patient when you overseed. Correct hieght of cut is also important to successful bluegrass maintenance.

Good Luck, South Jerseyite

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