Holes In Lawn

Holes In Lawn

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saggioculo – posted 18 March 2010 08:20

I have dozens of small holes, a little less then half an inch round near a tree in my lawn. There is no little mounds of dirt near the hole like you would see with ant hills. I do have many fire ants in my lawn but the holes near the tree are very different from the fire ant holes. I’m not sure what type of tree it is where the small holes are but I do see woodpeckers on this tree often. Butterflies also seem to be attracted to this tree’s bark as well. Being new to NC I’m not sure how to address the fire ants and whatever is creating these small holes near this one tree. I have small dogs and don’t want to use any kind of pesticides that will be harmful to my animals. I also plan to have a large veggie garden and do not want any chemicals that will harm my garden, pets or wildlife that will be in my yard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

cohiba – posted 18 March 2010 10:28

Could it be birds getting to worms?

Just a thought…..

saggioculo – posted 18 March 2010 15:20

quote:Originally posted by cohiba:Could it be birds getting to worms?

Just a thought…..

I actually just came in from checking out the holes. I don’t think the holes are from birds. I got a skinny stick and stuck it down the hole. It goes down a good three inches. I think that it’s too deep for a bird to make.

phathead019 – posted 18 March 2010 23:09


saggioculo – posted 22 March 2010 06:30

quote:Originally posted by phathead019:racoons?

Would or could racoons make holes like that? The holes look like they were made from…I dunno, say a pencil. Perfectly round, small, deep holes without any kind of mound around it.I’ve been trying to research on the internet as to what is the cause but have not had any luck. I did learn that some bees make homes in the ground. Anyone know if they would make literally dozens of these holes? Some holes are as close as half an inch from the next one.I wish I knew how to upload a pic to show you.Anyway, thanx for your input.

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