Help with clover!

Help with clover!

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t_heasley – posted 30 March 2005 08:27

Can anyone recommend a way to stop clover growth in a Bermuda grass lawn? I have tried a product called “ Weed stop,” but the clover seems to be completely unaffected. I have been keeping the turf mowed quite low, but the clover is out stripping the grass!

ted – posted 30 March 2005 09:45

try to find a product with mcpp in it. 24d type products only have a limited effect on clover. pros use confront herbicide

t_heasley – posted 30 March 2005 11:18

Once again, thanks for the useful advice! Incidentally, do you have any idea where I can purchase Confront herbicide?

ted – posted 30 March 2005 15:38

i don’t believe you can- it’s a licensed product for pros. you might try finding a product at a hardware or farm supply store. try a ag co-op place too.

ted – posted 30 March 2005 17:16

oh yeah-you’ll want it as the side ingredient- it’s still mixed in with 24d/dicamba, the product you’re probably seeing at the hardware store

snormyle – posted 12 June 2005 09:35

New Here so this is what I did In the winter Bermuda goes dormant the clover does not so on a day that is sunny and warmer spray everything that is green with a roundup type killer that you don’t want in your lawn come spring I have fought clover in K-31 in Maryland and StAugustine in Florida to Bermuda in Georgia The winter assault worked I killed everything but the BermudaSnormyle

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