Have dogs – my grass is dying.

Have dogs – my grass is dying.

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DogBoy1969 – posted 05 January 2008 10:20

I have two dogs that like to play outside and come every fall they wear down large parts of the yard. By next spring it’s dirt. I live in Cedar Park/Austin, TX area and have St. Augustine grass. I keep it mowed and watered. I was told we don’t have great drainage, but the grass was looking healthy until early fall when the growth stopped. Any suggestions on a different grass or other options to keep the grass growing? Thanks!

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josedelvecchio – posted 12 December 2008 10:55


The dogs cause 2 major problems in your lawn.

1-. They pee… The urine burns your grass. It has no cure. You can put water on the urine or pray to keep your lawn green, it’s the same.

2-. Depending on their weight and feet size, they cause soil compactation. An easy way to know if your garden’s soil is compacted, you can try to plunge a match with your fingers in it. If you can’t plunge it, your soil is bad. In this case you can do some soil decompactation works. It really works…

katighan – posted 24 March 2009 12:00

The urine issue can be solved by putting tomato juice in their food. Somebody told me this and I have been doing it for 2 years. I have 4 dogs and it really does help. I can really tell when I haven’t been puttin the v8 in their food

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