Has lawn gone to seed?

Has lawn gone to seed?

amynjay51 – posted 20 February 2003 15:58

We have a home in Southern Florida. Our lawn is St Augustine grass. We have only been in the home for a year (it’s our first) and we have been having tons of problems maintaining a nice lawn. It started when I (Amy) accidentally put on too much weed killer last summer and killed almost the entire lawn. Over the past 8-9 months it has slowly been coming back. We tried to help it along with some Scott’s weed and feed but it doesn’t seem to help much. We also planted some plugs. We still have some dead patches which I believe are related to poor drainage in those areas. The parts that are growing back seem to have almost everything BUT St Augustine Grass. We have every type of weed, some strange purplish St Augustine growing in which I’ve read may be related to the pH, some other type of very very thin wispy grass in some areas, and the newest addition: some very strange stalks (almost a foot high) with seeds that seem to be part of the St Augustine grass. Has the grass “gone to seed”? I’ve heard this term before but I’m not sure if it applies. We are afraid to cut it just incase these stalks are important and will help the lawn. Anyone who can offer any advice to a couple of rookies…would greatly be appreciated. Also, any info on a very good and reasonable lawn service that can do more than show up and cut the grass (we need a lawn genius). Please send replies to amyhersh74@hotmail.com

frenchman – posted 20 February 2003 21:12

When you put the weed and feed down “also called pre emerge” you will not be able to reseed or plug anything for at least 3 months. Weed and feed is to prevent weeds that haven’t came up to grow. Also won’t allow anything to grow. The best time to pre emerge is in the fall and in the spring, but once you done it that is all you can do about your yard for awhile. What type of weed killer did you put down?

amynjay51 – posted 21 February 2003 16:17

We put down Ortho Weed B Gone (the spray mixer you hook onto the hose). We put down the weed & feed more than a month ago. What should we do next and when?

ted – posted 21 February 2003 23:19

you can’t use that type of weed control on st. augustine any time of year. you need to call a professional chemical lawn care company to at least give you a free analysis to determine your multiple problems, it’s just to difficult to diagnose over the web- you’re probably better off redoing those sections that are having problems with new sod and correcting your drainage problems before hand.- don’t sprig it- it takes too long to establish- you don’t need to use any preemergent on the lawn, just establish it correctly from the start and follow the pro’s advice. a certified turfgrass professional and member of plcaa.

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