Grub PREVENTION – Florida

Grub PREVENTION – Florida

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Free Man – posted 25 May 2010 16:36

Hello team, I just put down new Empire Zoysia sod just over two weeks ago and I want to make sure I take some preventive action to keep the grubs away this summer season, which is upon us now.

When is a good time to apply a preventive grub killer in my new sod? I was considering waiting until the middle of June to lay it down. I went ahead and picked up enough Bayer season long with “Merit” but I don’t want to apply it too early in the cycle. I am in Central Florida.

Thanks for any pointers and all of your experience.

turfgrass – posted 04 June 2010 18:52

well…the beetles are out flying around in full force right now. they should start laying eggs late summer/early fall, that’s when you should apply.

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