grow grass

grow grass

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walterurdzela – posted 23 March 2014 18:39

i live in geogia and our summers are rough.do you think canada grass will grow in my Jesus garden. i tried every thing eles. thank you and God bless

rickster – posted 21 November 2014 10:51

The common simple grass you may want to try is Rye Grass. It comes up within a week. but, you need to know it grows very well in cooler temperatures and doesn’t do so well in warm to hot temperatures.Rye will die in the onset when temperatures start showing up.Some of your northern Fescue and Zoysia varieties will work in Georgia. Check your soil condition. Ph is a major factor since clay is common. Clay has a tendency to throw of the Ph. Also, the clay has a tendency to your soil to get hard and form a hard pan. When that happens, nothing grows. Hope this helps.

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