fescue in Houston?

fescue in Houston?

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jazzcat – posted 01 July 2012 18:35

I have a strip of am area aprox 3′ x 15 and I want it look magical and lush, like fescue that has been unmowed. I had red fescue in California but what to plant here? I have 3 cats so Baby’s tears are out. This area is onside of an area 8′ x 15 and it will have moonrocks on the other side with a few plants planted there and a walkway possibly of white crushed something and so I wanted green, soft and mounding or wavy next tothe brick wall of the house. Any thoughts? No to ivy, or anything viny need apply. Fluffym airy and not too tall. Oh and it only gets morning sun. THANK YOU!! JazzCat

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