Empire Zoysia some parts still brown

Empire Zoysia some parts still brown

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lc818 – posted 14 May 2013 22:50

My empire zoysia grass still has brown spots in Chesapeake, VA. How do I get my whole lawn green? And I’m having some kind of amimal making 1.5-2inch in diameter holes in my backyard. I’ll take pictures this weekend of the brown spots and holes.

lc818 – posted 02 June 2013 12:34


lc818 – posted 02 June 2013 13:49


pyro – posted 02 June 2013 19:41

worst picture ever?

lc818 – posted 02 June 2013 20:31

Sorry just trying to show where there are brown spots.

pyro – posted 03 June 2013 07:33

try to get closer ones not behind the screen. cant really see much

kcr6419 – posted 07 June 2013 23:24

Lots of slow release nitrogen will green it up and make it fill in nicely.

lc818 – posted 07 June 2013 23:25


lc818 – posted 07 June 2013 23:26

What kind of weeds are these???


tman100z – posted 05 July 2013 11:16

Im in Va Beach with empire zoysia, im over it!!! Every year there is something wrong with it. from bugs to disease Id kill it all and start over if i didnt think about the money ive put into it!! Im thinking about detatching as a final step before i maybe give in

mrmumbels – posted 06 July 2013 10:34

lc818, those look like seeds of the zoysia. They’re usually purple though. It’s hard to see in that pic.

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