empire zoysia “Hot Spots”

empire zoysia “Hot Spots”

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lukeav – posted 13 June 2013 13:26

I’ve had my EZ lawn in for 4 months… the only problem i run into is “hot spots”. if its hot outside and we’ve had no rain in couple of days, there will be several large areas of hot spots in the lawn… i don’t know how to solve this problem other than with water??? perhaps I need to mulch instead of bag so some of the thatch can help maintain the water in those areas? would it be helpful to take a small pitch fork and stab the areas that have “hot spots”? and suggestions?

pyro – posted 13 June 2013 18:54

yep it dries out easily in the summer…i would recommend mulching to build up thatch, however it seems this year i have had better luck w/ bagging (go figure) just hit it with a hose for a few around sundown

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