CuttingEdgeGrass A Fraud

CuttingEdgeGrass A Fraud

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wdwflash – posted 04 October 2013 09:24

I ordered (online) a small bag of grass seed from the CuttingEdgeGrass web site.(3 Long Lake Way, Palm Coast, FL 32137) The site multiplied my order by a factor of four to almost $100. I contacted CuttingEdgeGrass and they emailed me that I had ordered from a company called Harvest Garden Center of Bridgeport, CT and there was nothing they could do about it. I ordered from the CuttingEdgeGrass site not the Harvest Garden Center site. The email site the reply was sent from does not exist and is also a fraud. They did give me phone numbers, but I reside in Cambodia and am unable to call them. I was having the small order sent to a relative to forward to me in Cambodia.Avoid this company as they fraudulently upsize your order and use “shell” companies to shield themselves. I am contacting the Florida and CT state Attorney General offices with a consumer complaint against this company, my bank and visa to close down their account.

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