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soniasaini – posted 29 September 2003 20:49

Is there a product you suggest to treat crabgrass in st. augustine grass?

Sir Skrip – posted 01 October 2003 10:12

I have the same question. Lately I’ve just been trying to pull out the crabgrass by the root. Or else just mow it over…

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 01 October 2003 11:38

Folks in Florida are having success by dusting baking soda on damp crabgrass. They say it turns black in 4 days while leaving the St Aug alone. I would redust after 5 days, just in case.

The application method suggested to me was to put the baking soda in an old sock and beat the crabgrass with it. That keeps the stuff from clumping.

soniasaini – posted 05 October 2003 21:50

Interesting…will give it a try.

CraigB – posted 09 October 2003 11:00

The product you are looking for is Asulox. However, it is not available to home users. I found some at a feed/seed/ag supply store. They were not alowed to sell it to me, but they gave me a small amount. You can look up the product on the web and find the application rates.

soniasaini – posted 28 October 2003 12:32

I have now killed or pulled up most of the crabgrass in my lawn, leaving patches of dead grass or holes (lots of them). Should I leave the patches as is? Should I pull up the dead grass leaving dirt exposed? Should I put down peat or something else in these areas?

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 31 October 2003 08:23

I would cut in St Augustine sod this weekend.

jaxjrjack – posted 03 November 2003 05:06

quote:Originally posted by soniasaini:Is there a product you suggest to treat crabgrass in st. augustine grass?

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