Corsair Chlorsulfuron

Corsair Chlorsulfuron

Guest – posted 04 September 2002 18:38

Where can I buy the product mentioned above?

seed – posted 07 September 2002 20:28

Guest, Corsair herbicide containing chlorsulfuron is manufactured by Riverdale Chemical Company http://riverdalecc.com and you can click the link to products or check the label here http://www.cppress.com/docs/LABEL/L50052.PDF to find more information.

The Riverdalecc.com site also has a list of distributors.


guest – posted 13 September 2004 13:31

What would the setting be if you are using a hose sprayer device commonly sold at garden centers? There dials are usually in # oz per 1 gallon of water?

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