Can I kill Creeping Beggarweed?

Can I kill Creeping Beggarweed?

Eddie – posted 02 July 2004 18:40

I have a St A. lawn in coastal GA and my problem is Creeping beggarweed, it’s everywhere. I’ve tried different kinds of selective herbicides and nothing seems to kill it. The last one I tried was Ortho brand broadleaf weed killer for st a. lawns (about 2 weeks ago)and it had no effect at all. Any recommendations? or am I screwed?

ted – posted 02 July 2004 18:48

it depends upon your temps. broadleaf weed control products won’t work say above 85 or so degrees without burning. the weed actually closes off it’s “pores”. also, the products you bought as a homeowner don’t have the strength of pro products. there’s also the issue of proper calibration of spray equipment as well. Did you really put down the exact amount stated on the label?

Eddie – posted 03 July 2004 13:29

I followed the instructions on the label. It said to apply “anytime” weeds are growing, it didn’t mention anything about temps and it’s pretty hot overhere now (well over 85 deg). Is there any “over the counter” remedies for this time of the year or should I just wait for fall? Thanks for your help.


deepdiver – posted 12 February 2007 08:42

I have same problem on part of my lawn in SE FL. Regular broadleaf control doesn’t seem to touch it.I haven’t found any “OTC” products but research has turned up several different “pro” products. Those are generally sold in large 1-2 1/2 gallon containers like Speedzone Southern or in 4 packs of 2 oz. vials like NuFarm’s Manor. The products are usually available at ProSource One outlets. May have to resort to having a professional come out and spray the area(s). In the case of Manor, the recommended dose is 0.25-0.33 oz. per ACRE.

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  1. DeepDiver

    I recently found an OTC Roundup product which has done some good with beggarweed. See Southern Selective Lawn Weed Killer http://www.roundup.com/smg/goART3/Howto/what-do-roundup-for-lawns-products-control-south/47000035. It is about twice as expensive as most others which do not handle Creeping Beggarweed. I used it once with some noticeable, but incomplete control on my St. Augustine lawn. The St. Augustine did not show any ill effects. Do not use it when temperatures exceed 85 deg.
    “Although spraying Roundup® For Lawns on your weeds is quite satisfying, resist the urge to do it too much. It works so well; one application is usually all you need to kill a weed. And some weeds can take as long as three weeks to die. If it’s still hanging in after a while, wait 30 days before giving it another spray, and be sure not to apply more than two broadcast treatments per season.’
    I will apply another treatment next month.

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