Brown Holes in Grass Coverage

Brown Holes in Grass Coverage

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llamafunk – posted 30 September 2008 13:14

Hi All,

This is my first time posting on this forum. Your help is greatly appreciated. I live in upstate South Carolina. I live in a relatively new subdivision (<5 yrs old). I don’t know what kind of grass I have. Up until about mid summer it looked okay. Then I started noticing “holes” forming in the grass coverage. I have pictures below. Does anyone have any idea what I’m facing here? Can you help me identify my grass type? We live in pretty much Red Clay territory, so I’m surprised anything grows here. I realize I’m probably eternally going to have weed infestations. There’s a large open field on one side of my house and my neighbor on the other doesn’t live there but during the winter months and lets his yard grow out of control. Thanks for your help!



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