best fescue seed for SHADE ?

best fescue seed for SHADE ?

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ricsin1 – posted 08 November 2009 10:42

i cant find a REVIEW on the best SHADE TOLERANT fescue seed….. can you recommend any…

I recently overseeded with Lesco Transistion Blend [34% Biltmore Tall Fescue 34% Magellan Tall Fescue & 32% Padre Tall Fescue] and then – I added a litle bit of REBELS ELITE 2 weeks later and then one final overseeding on Oct 31 with the Lesco transition blend ….

looking at my house i realize that my front and ONE SIDE get 100% full sun and my backyard and other “side” get partial… theres a shadow made by my house in the backyard that is there most the day and then about 70% of it “moves” throughout the day – a section closest to my backyard patio deck gets little to no sun BUT there is fescue there and I want to thicken that up!

In the spring 2010 i will overseed again but this time with a SHADE FESCUE MIX in the backyard and side …..

Has anyone review which brand has the BEST SHADE BLEND for fescue lawns? hopefully something that matches my current Lesco/Rebel lawn thats come up so far?

cohiba – posted 09 November 2009 13:20

Try the NTEP.org website for information on Fine fecues. They test hundreds of varieties and put them head to head. Also note that you will get better results seeding in the fall. September for cool season grasses works best.

Good Luck…..

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