Bermuda grass in Baltimore

Bermuda grass in Baltimore

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RDoherty – posted 17 July 2007 10:54

I live in Baltimore County with fescue grass. I just bought the land behind my house and I am attempting to build a mini driving range with Bermuda grass.

Questions:Will Bermuda do well in Maryland?Is over-seeding the most cost effective way?How long will it take for Bermuda to overtake the fescue?Is it easy to maintain?

tommy – posted 19 July 2007 12:58

Many types of bermuda will winter kill in your area, but there is a new type called -‘Yukon’, which is said to be very winter hardy. The bermuda will not take over the fescue completely, but it will be the dominant grass- especially if the mowing height is low. You can enter bermuda into the exsisting turf by aerifying, seeding, and then dragging the cores with a steel mat,(like the kind they use to drag baseball infields). Do a Google search to find ‘Yukon’ seed, or check local landscape supply outlets.

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