bahia grass seeding

bahia grass seeding

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ernie – posted 01 July 2009 15:45

A lanscaper said to grow a better lawn with bahia grass to let go to seed.the seed heads have grown, how tall do they have to get or how long to let grow to develope into seed before mowing

turfgrass – posted 01 July 2009 20:44

I grow centipede for seed every year, beginning late July, seed is not mature and ready for harvest until after the first frost, usually around mid October-NovemberThat being said…I don’t know the timeline for bahiagrass, but I would call this theory bogus. Plus you’ll have to be willing to have your yard look like a jungle for a while with bahiagrass.

Turfguy_UF – posted 02 July 2009 12:13

Your post was a little difficult to understand, but from what I got from it you are asking when will your seeded Bahia become a mature lawn?

If that was the question I would have to speculate that with Bahia it will take a full year from seed.

I would mow, water, and fertilize like you would for any grow in, and hope your Bahia out grows the weeds, and insects.

You might also have to reseed areas where the Bahia did not take or was out grown from weeds.

Best of luck,TurfGuy

turfgrass – posted 02 July 2009 20:04

turfguy_uf, pretty sure his question is whether or not he’ll have a better stand of bahia by letting it go to seed, and then mowing to spread the mature seeds….not planting a new lawn

ernie – posted 02 July 2009 20:14

thanks for the replys. the bahia grass is one year old and the seed stalks have come up and are 2ft.tall and it is starting to look like a jungle. I have 11000 sq.ft of lawn to seed and like to do it natural to save money.Bahia should be seeded every 2-3 years how tall or old before mowing down here in florida thanks

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