Argentine Bahia pasture

Argentine Bahia pasture

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scweimlady – posted 13 January 2004 13:20

In 1994 we planted 10 acres in Argentine Bahia (A/B) as a pasture for our horses. It did well over several yrs and we had to mow it several times each summer. But, in the past 2-3 yrs, it appears to be getting less and less vigorous and it is thinning. We rarely ever have to mow it since it seems to be growing low to the ground. Someone told me that A/B pastures only last about 7 yrs and then you have to plow it up and replant. Is this true? I thought I would do another soil test and fertilize it more this year. Should I try overseeding with Penkoted A/B seeds after I fertilize it?When should I fertilize it?Would aerating it help? We live near Charleston, SC and on sandy soil.I want to build up this pasture again for our horses. I could use some suggestions

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