Anyone heard of Cutting Edge Grass Seed for Florida

Anyone heard of Cutting Edge Grass Seed for Florida

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pks2141 – posted 14 December 2011 16:52

Check the link. Sounds too good to be true.


seed – posted 17 December 2011 15:20

This product is almost the definition of “too good to be true.”

Cutting Edge(TM) Grass is claimed to have “NO CUTTING, NO WATERING, NO FERTILIZING”

In smaller type is the word, “VIRTUALLY” and in very small type is the expression “After Establishment”

The seed is offered by the entity Organic Green Supplies, LLC for $169 per 25 pounds. which is actually $198.99 with shipping, or $7.96 per pound. Organic Green Supplies is registered to Christopher Pierce, 10605 Marlington Pl, Westchase, FL 33626 which is north of Tampa Bay.

seed – posted 17 December 2011 17:08

It is the lowest possible level of consumer information to market a grass seed without mentioning the name(s) of the species and cultivar(s). Legitimate seed businesses sell blends and mixtures of grass seed with transparency, with a statement of contents, and accompanied by a seed tag showing the analysis by the state department of agriculture. A contents statement helps consumer validate the claims of the seller and assess quality.

The greengrassseed.com web site contains the seal of the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, ntep.org and the word “Rated” but there appears to be no mention of “Cutting Edge” or “Organic Green Supplies” or “Sustainable Low Mainentnance” anywhere on the NTEP web site.

NTEP policy is that “Data and comment found on this site should not be referenced out of context, nor should a cultivar’s performance be elevated beyond supporting NTEP data.” By saying that “Cutting Edge (TM)” Grass is “Rated” by the NTEP, and not saying what grass it is, if it is mentioned by the NTEP, it takes the reference to “Cutting Edge (TM)” Grass so far out of context that the consumer cannot even know what it is.

According to uspto.gov the pending trademark CUTTING EDGE in stylized form was applied for registration to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Serial Number 85374399, by SUSTAINABLE LOW MAINTENANCE GRASS, LLC, 3 Long Lake Way, Palm Coast, FL 32137, of which, according to sunbiz.org, the manager is Paul Beaulieu, same address.

When the web site says, “Patent Pending,” it is not possible for the consumer to know what is patented.

pks2141 – posted 21 December 2011 13:20

So, here is an update. I did get a response from the Christopher Pierce in FL. Didn’t give me much info except what was on the website. Gave me no species and cultivars, said I could patch in Bahia and Bermuda and it would look good in both. Work well in my swale (see other question.) But, suggested I kill back my whole lawn and use his product exclusively.

I love this quote from his response, “Cutting Edge™ Grass is a blend of eight individual cultivars that individually are top rated by the National Turf Evaluation Program and Rutgers University for color, texture, disease-resistance and low maintenance.”

So, I responded again. What was the species/cultivars, When to plant. Which report would I find detail at NTEP about the specific cultivars. I also asked about the blends shown here:


No answer yet.

pks2141 – posted 21 December 2011 14:47

I received this from NTEP

NTEP does not test blends and mixtures, of which Cutting Edge is, from what I can surmise. Therefore, NTEP has never tested Cutting Edge. I have asked them to remove our logo from their web site.

Kevin MorrisExecutive Director, National Turfgrass Evaluation Program

M – posted 07 January 2012 02:14

I have heard of cutting edge. I talked to them late summer and they said the same about not divulging the cultivars which I thought was a bit unusual but when I asked them why they told me that “we have a turf grass that is very unusual and revolutionary and we beleieve so superior to other grass blends that we prefer to keep that info propietary, after all we are a business. We apologize but we would love you to try it and see for yourself”. I grew the grass in my greenhouse as well as a 10000 sq ft plot. I can say in all honesty that so far it has lived up to its claims though it has been only about six months. They never stated to me that the blend is ntep rated but only that the individual cultivars where, which by the looks of the turf i do believe. It was a lime green color for about the first 2 months and then darkened into a very nice kentucky blue dark green color. the grass is expensive but if it does what they claim, who cares? also I didnt have to incure any shipping charges because I purchased it from a store, so that cuts the cost a good amount. Kevin M from NTEP said they do not endorse the product because they do not test blends but that because it is VNS he cannot speak for the cultivars themselves and cannot say whether they are or are not ntep rated. I am waiting to see how the blend turns out but it does in all honesty seem promising as long as nothing negative happens. we mowed the turf once and have not had to mow it since. also now in january in the colder temps it has lost a bit of its color but is basically kept all of its summer looks. As much as everyone seems skeptical I suggest you try it because as I said so far it has done what it claims and to be honest, its about time one of these low maintenance lawns actually works. I will let you know how it does through the summer heat.

AW – posted 11 January 2012 22:29

I am a representative of Cutting Edge™ Grass Seed, and I wanted to respond to your questions that have been raised about the product. We do understand that a grass seed that produces an exceptional lawn and needs no mowing, watering or fertilizing does sound too good to be true. We can state one simple fact: Cutting Edge™ grass seed produces an exceptionally lush, deep green lawn that will provide the best drought and heat tolerance, the lowest maintenance, and the best disease, insect and salt resistance that you can find on the market. A lawn that needs little to no maintenance could save businesses, schools, municipalities, homeowners, etc countless dollars, not to mention the benefits it will have on the environment. We do make the statement “virtually no cutting, watering or fertilizing” because we cannot say that for every situation, in every environment, the grass will never need any one of these items. What we can guarantee is that all of these maintenance items will be dramatically reduced compared to a traditional lawn. We also make the statement, that the benefits occur “after establishment” and I will tell you why. The grass seed is a real blend of grasses, not some genetically engineered grass-like product that instantly provides a maintenance-free lawn. Part of the reason the grass has such a vast amount of benefits is that it grows up to 48 inch roots, again depending on climate and soil-type. Until roots establish, the germinating seedlings will require the same amount of water as any grass seedling. We also recommend an organic starter fertilizer to give the seedlings a good establishment. We can unequivocally state that all of the benefits of Cutting Edge™ grass begin showing as soon as the roots start to establish, often within the first month or two.

We are the only low-maintenance Kentucky bluegrass blend on the market. As the only one on the market, we are striving to protect the formula, which is patent pending. We provide the seed species on every bag, but not the cultivar of these seeds. The reason for this is that one could try to replicate our grass seed, but would not get as beautiful of a lawn as we have achieved. Our proprietary seeds were tested by the National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP) and were highly rated, proving to be of exceptional quality, beautiful color, soft texture, lasting and consistent results in their category. Any other blend of generic seeds will not produce the lawn that our blend can produce, and we therefore are protecting that mixture.

If our confidentiality concerns anyone looking to purchase the grass, we will gladly send a sample for you to try it out for yourself. We are so confident that our grass will meet your expectations that we do this for anyone who asks, free of charge. We do provide the percentage and blend type of each crop. We do not, however, provide a level of detail that would allow our competition to copy our exact formula. We are not trying to mislead anyone in protecting our specific seeds, we are only trying to protect our time and money spent on the research and development of Cutting Edge™ grass.

Regarding our reference to NTEP, we do not claim that NTEP backs our specific blend. However, each cultivar we use is top-rated by NTEP. I apologize if this has been confusing in any way.

As Christopher Pierce stated, when installing Cutting Edge™ grass, our recommendation is to mow your existing lawn very short and install Cutting Edge™, rather than overseed. If you were to overseed, portions of the grass will require standard maintenance and the Cutting Edge™ portions will not. This is what we call a “bad haircut”. Cutting Edge™ will be growing slowly while other parts of your lawn will be growing rapidly. Cutting Edge™ will be deep green year round, while other parts are yellowing or dying. You cannot truly receive the benefits of Cutting Edge™ grass unless you install it on your entire lawn. In regard to your question about when to plant Cutting Edge™, like most other grass seeds, we recommend an average temperature of 60 degrees – that’s 70’s during the day, 50’s at night.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at info@cuttingedgegrass.com and we would be happy to answer to the best of our ability.

wdwflash – posted 04 October 2013 09:39

Cutting edge is a Scam and involved in fraud. I placed an order for a small bag of seed on their web site and had it multiplied to almost $100. When contacted they said I bought it from a dealer not them and there was nothing they could do about it. The return email address is fake and the info@cuttingedgegrass.com is fake also. I’m in Cambodia and was having a relative forward the seed to me. I cannot phone any of the numbers that cuttingedge gave me and the intentionally have few email address to complain to. This is fraud and theft of money by this company and they hide behind “shell” companies (dealers). I am contacting the Florida and CT offices of the states Attorneys General, and since they do interstate commerce, the FBI and US Justice Dept has jurisdiction. AVOID this company.

Adamvid – posted 07 February 2014 11:52

This product is almost the definition of “too good to be true.”

rickster – posted 26 January 2015 11:58

I’ve not heard that particular brand. If you want to reseed, but not overseed, you’ll need to get a good brand. I’ve got one brand I’ve used and it’s Vigoro. HomeDepot sells that brand. This brand coats their seed that prevents disease and help with germination.Anytime you are wanting to seed your yard, and you want to do it right, you’re going to pay a little bit more. You’ll have to look at the label and see what you’re buying. Personally, I recommend you get treated seed to assure you’re getting something that’ll be worth the money you’re paying for.

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