34-0-0 fertilizer

34-0-0 fertilizer

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bassadict69 – posted 23 May 2005 14:54

When is the best time for using a fertilizer this high in nitrogen? What is the benefit of it?

e34m5 – posted 24 May 2005 06:15

Will make your lawn very green. I use it about every six weeks. You must water it in immediately or will burn the lawn.

bassadict69 – posted 24 May 2005 08:05

Thanks…I spread some in my backyard yesterday evening & watered for about an hour.

ted – posted 24 May 2005 14:21

what kind of grass- don’t use on fescue this time of year…

bassadict69 – posted 24 May 2005 15:33


cohiba – posted 25 May 2005 16:24

Up here in NJ, I like to use 34-0-0 in June, just as the Spring fert is running out. That is when you start to get $pot. The quick jump of fert will allow the turf to grow out of the disease. It will only last about 14 days and will not be a problem when Brown Patch pressure starts hammering in July. Its alot cheaper than a fungicide app for $pot.

Two cents worth……………

ted – posted 25 May 2005 18:00

yeah, the quick blast of nitrogen timed correctly before and after fungicide can work well. probably not for your average homeowner though….

Ed77 – posted 29 May 2005 20:01

Those really heavy blasts of Nitrogen can really ‘green’ up your turf, but many of the high doses of chemical fertilizers are toxic to the microbes in your soil that do the majority of the feeding for your plants.

…If you take the time to learn how to complimentary feed your soil microbes, you can cut your fertilizer costs significantly and wind up with a much healthier plant. The chemical fertilizer industry loves to see you ‘blast’ any plant, because they know it will take more to do the same job next time; just because the chemicals in excess destroy the natural systems of nutrient delivery to the plant.

Friend – posted 30 May 2005 21:36

ED77take a look at these web sites



Ed77 – posted 31 May 2005 06:43

Thanks for the links Friend!

They are really good links, but apply to specifics where people are supplying for potential gain and servicing specific markets. The beauty of feeding your soil is that there are microbial stimulants that most good soils respond well to, and they don’t cost much to apply. One should also take a long hard look at foliar feeding to enhance their nutrition program, as it is well proven that foliar nutrition(applied properly) is 8 to 10 times more effective than a well balanced soil system. …The two in tandem can produce dramatic results in most topsoil areas!

Friend – posted 31 May 2005 09:45

Ed77Do you have info. were to get microbial stimulants?

Ed77 – posted 01 June 2005 06:16

There are numerous variances when stimulating microbial populations in topsoils.

The most commonly used, and in most stimulative blends available; is humus. It is available in concentrated forms at around $10.00 per gallon, and treatment rates bring application costs down to less than $5.00 per acre. …Most of the products claiming an improvement in water holding capabilities use quality humus extracts in their formulations.

Another common concept is adding oxygen enhancers to soil ammendments. There are many variances, but the theory is that infusing additional oxygen into heavily compacted soils will ‘awaken’ the latent microbial strains.

Another concept that has been largely overlooked, but very effective; is the introduction of products that have gone through an ‘energy chamber’ that changes the product frequencies. The art of this method is to change the frequencies in such a way as to make the latent microbial population ‘think’ there is excess oxygen available. …This acts as a trigger mechanism in the soil and results in increased microbial reproduction, and ultimately denser root growth and healthier plants.

Most researchers have found there is little or no benefit in actually adding specific microbial strains unless the soils are particularly poor, or have been severely poisoned. Microbial reproduction is generally abundant when properly initiated and fed.

…For those interested in microbial stimulants that are reasonably priced, I would reccomend a look at bulk humus dealers, and especially those who are using humus/seaweed blends that include valuable plant growth hormones to stimulate plant cell division once the bioavailability in the soil has been improved.

I have had some success with products available from Humus Products of America. They can be contatcted at 1-800-228-4322. Talk to Bob Stein and tell him Ed told you about him. …He is a very helpful fellow.

…I would also be interested in information any of you might have on additional sources of these products!

Friend – posted 01 June 2005 08:44

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the info I call Bob glad to know he is in Texas. you can look at this web sitewww.soilsecrets.com


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