pre emergent or spring overseeding…either/or?

pre emergent or spring overseeding…either/or?

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Gatorslong – posted 05 March 2006 12:40

i have fescue lawn in backyard that was completely torn out and reseeded in fall.

new grass is very thin and has turned quite weedy throughout winter.

i am planning to seed again this spring to encourage more growth, but i also think i need to put some pre emergent down to knock out future weeds.

pre emergent says not to put down seed for 4 months after pre emergent goes down….does this mean i have to choose one or the other this spring?

any help would be great

Mister D – posted 05 March 2006 16:50

You can put down Scotts Starter Fertilizer w/ crabgrass preventor or Scotts Step 1 for Seeding. If you can’t find this at HomeDepot or ACE try a Southern States type of place. They should have Tupersan(siduron). These are all PreEmergents for when grass seed is put down.

Grassguy – posted 11 June 2006 01:45

spring and summer is the worst time to seed fescue. Pre-emergence will stop the fescue seeds from germinating. Have you ever performed a soil analysis? whats your PH? whats the P and K levels in the soil. Is your soil fine textured and poorly drained or vise versa.

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