i think i put too much turf builder down

i think i put too much turf builder down

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rlynn01 – posted 13 April 2006 18:15

i recently put down scotts turf builder on my fescue lawn now i have this very light colored grass maybe yellow i have also put down seed and now i have a very beautiful in some area grass and in some areas yellowish in color patch’s of it. what can i do to reverse what i’ve done. i am a new homeowner and have no idea what to do. can someone please assist me

Grassguy – posted 11 June 2006 01:41

not sure where you live but fescue is best established at the end of september, it needs time to establish root density and depth before the hot weather arrives, also you shouldent apply fert to fescue in late spring or summer.Fescue is a cool season grass. You probobly wont like my answer but you need to get a soil analysis thru your local county extension office to determine a starting point. You need to know what the P and K levels are and the PH.The yellowing could be a result of the PH being out of wack or a high level of phosporus tieing up the zinc and Iron. Lay off the fert and water deeply and infrequently. Fescue likes soil ph around 6.0 to 7.5

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