Bermuda in a Bahia lawn

Bermuda in a Bahia lawn

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Jeff K – posted 25 January 2012 12:10

When we bought the house it had a decent lawn, the front was very thick and green. It is Bahia grass. In the 2 years we have been here the weeds are slowing but surely talking over. There is some sort of wild grass, looks like Bermuda, attempting to take over the entire acre, along with every other weed know to man kind.I’ve spent thousands of dollars on weed killers, sod and seed. But I don’t believe that anything is going to stop the Bermuda grass. My question is, can I plug St.Augustine and have it take over? Will it out compete the Bermuda? I’ve had it with this lawn. My last house had St.Augustine and I thought IT was a lot of trouble, this is ten times the problem, and getting worse every year. Last year I killed off about a 1/4 acre and reseeded it with Argentine Bahia, the weeds came back faster than the grass. I tore out the sod in my ditches and re sodded it looks ok but is being over run by the Bermuda, it’s just a matter of time.HELP!!

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