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Turf Puzzler

  Hourly variation in wind speed in Davie, Florida

"The rightmost blade is apparently unaffected, and included for comparison" (Dave).

"The arrow points to a possible secondary problem.  The whitish striations appear to be eruptions from the leaf caused by downy milew disease, caused by the fungus Sclerophthora macrospora" (Phil).


Dave asks,  "Who can diagnose this?"

Grass Turning Purple

(Excerpts):  "I have St. Augustinegrass and many of my grass blades are also turning purple.  The blades are tipped with purple in some areas of the yard, and are side-by-side with healthy blades.  The purple areas of the blade travel down or along the side of the blade, rendering it yellow, and finally death ensures.  I have diffuse areas of my yard that are 5 to 10 feet in diameter that show yellowing grass with purple tipped blades."

"This is a yard with very little traffic, just my walking on it to mow it each weekend with the mower blade set as high as I can get it, 4 inches, I think.  Fertilized about 5 weeks ago with the recommended rate with Scotts Bonus S."

"I've stumped the agricultural agent here, so any help is welcomed.  Who can diagnose this and recommend treatment?"

Dave, November 2001


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